Lack of Investor Interest

Could it be Daedalus?

This wallet has been a pain in the ass for over two years. It’s time the damn thing work on computers used in the real world. Africa, which seems to be the target market, isn’t going to have many Core i8 or Xeon fitted computers/laptops; the populace can’t afford them.

Recently, I watched a Rick/Digital Forest video in response to Charles acknowledging the lawsuit against the foundation.

The important message in this video comes at 4:50 when a viewer posts an off-topic mention about the Daedalus wallet.

Rick quickly glosses over the post with “there’s a backend change out coming” mention.

So, still fucking around with the wallet! As I posted two years ago, this wallet is the only item you have that interfaces with end users, and his/her money.

It is critical that it work correctly. Especially if you want investors to take interest in your core product, ADA.

We are on the verge of Shelley written with brand new Haskel code. My assumption is it will all come together at that point.

Here’s hoping Shelley is delivered and it works. Not many arrows left in the quiver.

I think Cardano has a very good chance of living up to it’s promise. I know of very few others that are as committed to cranking out science and code at the same level right now.

I’m in, and with you on the “chance promise.”

Just delivering a message Charles asked that we convey if we feel the wheels are coming off the tracks.

The message? A quick kick in the nuts.

Here’s a link from 1/10/2018. Note the same topics being discussed today.

Where’s the resolution?

Hi, I just got an email from IOHK apparently there is a new version of testnet Daedalus out today. Not sure if you were having trouble with it or current mainet Daedalus.

Give it a try and see how it goes and let us know please.


Here’s the version number I’m using.


I did too have some troubles with Daedalus recently, a week ago +/-.

Opened it up today, and it’s running smoothly. (same version you have @ClearView)

In the meantime it wasn’t working I sent my ADA to Yoroi, to keep transacting, and had no problems at all with it.
Since it doesn’t depend on the blockchain infrastructure and it’s as secure as Daedalus, I found it very helpful.

Give it a try. Heres the link for the video demonstration:

Thanks for the lead, jp. I’ll take a look at the video over the weekend.