HandshakeRequest []byte array nonce length 32

Hello, can submit this type of Handshake request to any public node:

MiniProtocol: 0 / MessageMode: 0
Array: [2]
Map - Items: [2]
- key: PositiveInteger8(1) / value: PositiveInteger32(764824073)
- key: PositiveInteger16(32770) / value: PositiveInteger32(764824073)

And get back:


? I don’t seem to be able to do this. I just get back the same 764824073 number I gave it.


Can you please explain what is a Handshake request? a RestAPI call? or a communication over the node socket?

node socket, rpc call. The very first one. But ya know I think I just had a break through. I’ve been connecting and SENDING this HandshakeRequest but maybe I have it backwards. I should be connecting and READING the other side’s HandshakeRequest and send my own HandshakeResponse!

ok, so a tcp handshake… so GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-explorer: Backend solution powering the cardano-explorer. See disclaimer below. can not be used here?

hehe from the readme: " * If you are a curious developer keen on knowing the internals and understanding what happens behind the scene, you can dive into:GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-db-sync: A component that follows the Cardano chain and stores blocks and transactions in PostgreSQL" that’s me alright, a curious developer. But I guess I don’t read and understand haskell very well. So I’ve been looking at the rust source and trying to write my own golang version.

also a node can put data into sqlite db or force the logs to be in json format. so the socket is not the only interface you can query…