Happy News andy!

andy_hendrikx is our hero here. every post i make he is ready to block it instantly lol. boy get a life, you’re fckn pathetic!!! i sent you a message. i think it’s time people get to know about the true face of this forum which is CENSORSHIP. social media await this information. i think you are the main reason BOY… you triggered this mess. cardano community should thank you lol

For everyone else who visiting this topic, please check his post history. Thank you.

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sure my history only says that i hate idiots with carppy hardware who constantly bash daedalus wallet, which is PERFECT! besides i also despise such softboys like you who must always be politcally correct. this my history here!

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Well that escalated quickly.


A temporary mute for few weeks might be a good solution if user just refuses to be polite and respectful, BOY!



I will be closing this thread as it does not add value or meaningful discussion to the Cardano Community.

With regards to your dispute with Andy, I have reviewed your posts that were deleted and I can confirm that they were flagged by other users and as a moderator he acted appropriately.

I will also be silencing your account for a few weeks. Silencing means that you are still able to login and view discussions, you just won’t be able to create new posts or reply with comments.

Please also note that this is your second warning/silencing period. I messaged you on Dec. 27 when you were first silenced for a few days for your use of offensive language.

To remind you, we strive to create a welcome and open community, please see the code of conduct for the Cardano Forum here. For users who cannot abide by this, we take temporary measures that allow users to come back and hopefully interact with other community members in a respectful and civil manner. For repeated offenses, we will have no choice but to ban users. You can email me at community@cardano.org if clarifications are needed. Thank you!