Happy News, In Korea


I am a pool operator who believes in charles spirit.

But I don’t want to promote my pool here.

We have very good news from Korea regarding Cardano.

Upbit was hacked in mid-November last year.

(* Upbit is a world-famous large cryptocurrency exchange.
In particular, this is the exchange that generated kimchi premeun in December 2017.)

Since then, Upbit suspended all cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals for more than a month.

So the ADA holder could not participate in the incentive testnet.

Today, Upbit announced that it would pay tADA to ADA holders.

For about 4 months, I fought Upbit alone and won.

Charles, Your dream will come true in Korea !!

Keep an eye on the Korean market !!

If there are disadvantages to ADA holders again, I will always fight.


That is fantastic news! Well done @ssainball !

Could you share Upbit announce please

Wonderful achievement! Congrats to you and your efforts. I’m sure many Korean community members will be happy to hear this!
cc: @junada @innopia

Fantastic news!