Haskell/Plutus/Marlowe Education (Project Catalyst)

Hello everyone!

We have recently received funding for our Project Catalyst proposal on Haskell/Plutus/Marlowe Education. Many thanks to everyone who showed support and voted for the project. The project itself is aimed at creating beginner-friendly materials for these 3 languages for helping out newcomers to Cardano get started with developing by having these materials all in once place. It will be aimed at beginners, so experienced devs might not be able to take much from them. The plan is to deliver written materials supplemented by videos (or vice-versa) in the form of lectures.

We have set-up a landing page for the project where you can subscribe for updates: https://hpmeducation.com/

The project is still in a very early stage, but some Haskell materials are already being prepared with the plan of finalising the Haskell part of the project by 25/03/2021. At some point before that, we will probably use that subscription list to invite people to sort of an alpha test of the materials to see if anything could be improved after feedback.

Once again, thank you for the support!


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