Have you noticed changes in slot allocation?

Hello there o/

Slot allocation has been extremely fluctuating since epoch 465 for my pool FRADA, with a lot of “bad luck” for 5 epochs :

epoch 465 : 9.2M stake / only 3 slots
epoch 467 : 9.5M stake / only 5 slots
epoch 470 : 8M stake / only 1 slot !
epoch 471 : 6.9M stake / only 4 slots
next epoch 475 : 4.8M stake / 0 slot !!

I mean… 1 slot for 8M, 0 slot for 4.8M… what are the odds ?

Everything is working fine. BP, relays, KES is good etc.
I updated my nodes to 8.9.0 3 days ago, and i wonder if it has something to do with the 0 slots allocation i get from leaderslot calculation for next epoch…

This is so frustrating. Delegators are of course leaving my pool and i can’t blame them…
I know it’s luck based, but i can’t help wondering if you (small spos) have noticed a change as well …?

Imo its simply bad luck.

Here you have the chances for a pool with around 4,2m stake :

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Yes… and it’s the same for 1 slot with 8M…

But i mean, so much bad luck in a 10 epochs window… This is SO frustrating… :frowning:

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Not to be spiteful but try three blocks in 51 epochs… We’ve lost a substantial amount of money already, compunded by trying to put some money aside to apply to good causes.

While there are bigger issues in the world, in the SPO one - it’s tough.