Hello Cardano

Hi everyone! I am very new to this space and have lots of learning to do, but I am serious about doing so. I am on a path to seeking the best information on blockchain that I can. I have found myself surfing channel after channel to find people I can enjoy and trust to get good information. It is hard to tell at times since you don’t know who is shilling for dough. Please reach out and say hello. I am just a real person, with real world problems, looking for real world solutions. :100::heart:


Welcome to Cardano. If you havent already, watch the IOHK videos on youtube to fully acclimate yourself in the projects vision.

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Checkout the new Cardano wiki, a great resource.

And welcome @Edmund


Hello Edmond, welcome to the forum, I think Cardano has solutions to some of those real world problems, stick around I think you will like it.