Hello everybody!

Have the honour thanks to maki to be hosting the meet ups in Vancouver.

My goal is to grow a strong active community. There is a growing crypto presence here and it’s time to make cardano the top dog. Goal is to grow a startup ecosystem built on top of cardano, find devs lurking in the shadows, and businesses, and fans. That is usually harder because crypto/blockchain hasn’t shown it could replace anything in a developed country yet.

And there is a lot of fluff in the space. Nothing innovative as far as I’ve seen or heard.

I trust that a powerhouse is in the making. Bringing minds together. Implementing a real use case today always back of my mind. And the everyday people won’t understand beautiful code or tps or blocks…only the abcs of how it could help them.
A child should understand how to use it.

This is the mission. And I couldn’t be more happier!


Welcome @Frank_Farroghi :slight_smile:

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hello Frank, Welcome to the Cardano Community and forum! Great having you on the team! :slight_smile:

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Welcome Frank!

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Hello Frank. Welcome!

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