Hello everyone: Can you help with the dwallet? (edit: wallet problem solved now)

Hello everyone.
I’ve just joined the forum and I can’t get the daedalus wallet to work.

I use a Desktop running LinuxMint.

I’ve read through the forum and I’ve searched youtube for a tutorial but no success…

The download is a .bin file.
What do I do with it?


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There are installation instructions for the Linux version on the download page.

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Yes, I followed them but it didn’t work.

More details would help. It’s a kind of question which nobody could expect to be answered.


Hello and Welcome to the forum Paul! Someone on here will most certainly be able to help you out! All the best :slight_smile:


You say you followed the instructions, but in your OP you asked what you should do with a .bin file. The instructions tell you that. You are not telling a consistent story. (As well as giving way too few details.)

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Great, It’s worked today.
I don’t know what the problem was yesterday, but it’s worked today.

Is it necessary to go offline, for added security, before creating a wallet?


Nope. Glad it’s sorted now, anyway. :smile: