Hello from Brazil

Hello you all!
This is Jose Marques, I live in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil… :brazil:
I’m new to crypto currencies market. I’m giving CARDANO (ADA) a try because it seems to have a very great future. I’m here to learn more about this awesome project.
Jose Marques


Welcome @JoseMarques :slight_smile:

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Hi @JoseMarques and welcome to the forum

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Fala zé, fmza?

Brasil aqui tb. :wink:

I really believe in this project.

I’m from Argentina, it looks like people from south american countries are getting into crypto a lot lately. :slight_smile:

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Hey @JoseMarques

Nice to have you here! Welcome!

Fala, Eduardo. Tudo blz.
Empolgado e cheio de expectativas pra esse projeto.

thanks @CyberHek

Fala, Gabriel!
Tudo blz?
Empolgado e cheio de expectativas pra esse projeto.

Projeto mais ambicioso que ja vi.
Um projeto 100% técnico, nada de marketismo barato pra fazer a moeda ganhar presença.

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E so Brasucas aqui!! Aahahaha Bem vindo ao barco Jose :slight_smile:

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Opa fala pessoal do :brazil: