Hello from Brazil guys!

Hello guys, how are you doing?!

Not so many Brazilians here yet right? I’m happy I’m one of the first (one of the first 50 maybe?) to join the Cardano community!

So, a little about me… My name is Antonio, I’m 30, and I’m fairly new on the Crypto World. I started listening about it one year ago, and tried to buy some Bitcoin to hold, but at that time I couldn’t do it cuz technical problems, and I let it go for a while. But as a poker player who likes risk investments and Stock market, I kept an eye on the crypto world and on its rise. So in november I tried to buy some crypto again, and that time I could do it! I bought first some Litecoin, get some profit, and after some weeks on december I started to day trade/swing trade a lot of cryptos after I signed up for Binance. But I ended up bursting some of my profit doing these trades.

By that time then, I stopped trading and start looking deeply about the alt coins intrinsic value, looking for one good enough to really invest some money in as a long term investiment and then I found Cardano! I’m simply amazed by the project, and I can imagine a good future to come for Cardano. I really believe that Cardano is the future! I guess everybody is here thinks the same. Hope we are right! :grin:

That’s it, I hope the community grows even more each day, and that I can help this happens somehow.

Go go go Cardano go!



Welcome to the Forum, Your going to like Royale if you like gambling, check it out.

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Great to virtually meet you Sheyk. I would love to get to Brazil one day. Amazing country I hear.


Welcome Sheyk, good to see you here


Thank you guys!

@anon20038177 it seems interesting. Maybe I will try it! :smile:

@Donnybaseball yeah, problems aside, Brazil is pretty cool. You have some amazing cities to visit here as a tourist. You will be more than welcome when you can come here!