Brasil here too!

Hello everybody.

I finally decided to join Cardano community, and also bought a few Ada.

I’ve been hearing about Cardano for over a year from many youtubers, but I don’t trust them and didn’t have the time (money!) to learn what Cardano is really proposing and effectively implementing.

I have some questions yet, but I expect its devs will be able to make the best cryptocurrency blockchain platform on the long run.

Is it polite to make questions comparing Cardano with other blockchains? is there any proper cathegory for that?

Welcome Hikari! :wave: Ask your question :ear:

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Tnx! I’ll make some noob questions around then

@Hikari Welcome on board. You are free to ask questions about Cardano. There’s are troves of documentations, and videos directly from IOHK, and the Cardano Foundation to help you learn more about the project. If I can help, I will be glad to. I have been closely following the Casrdano project since October 2017.

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cool tnx! I had made some questions on beginner category, I still have a few noob questions to do.

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Welcome! Glad to have you.

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