Hello from Argentina!


Hi there!

I’m Tomás from Buenos Aires, Argentina (yep, we are in the south of South America!). I’been related to cryptocurrencies for the last 4 years.

I’m very interested in Cardano, it’s underlying technology and implementation.

Let me know if you are in this part of the word to get in touch and exchange ideas.

Southern regards,


Welcome @Scala ! :slight_smile: BA is one of the cities I have on my list to visit… thanks for being here!


@jonmoss let me know if you get down here!


Welcome Scala! Glad to have you!


Hello Tomas is Fernando from BC Canada, yo soy nuevo en Cryptocurrency and I need some help soy de Peru y vivo en el Canada, I will keep in touch with you to learn about ADA.

Berst Regards.


Welcome mate!


Thanks @Ghost!


Hi there Fernando!

Is there a Spanish forum about Cardano?



Bienvenidos Scala! Tengo una pregunta:

How much of your decision to enter into cryptocurrency was based on regional economic conditions in Argentina?

-Viva Messi…


Hola! Welcome to the group!


@Dagst47 actually my decision to enter in cryptocurrencies was almost not influenced by the economic situation of Argentina during the past decade, but mostly by my interest in technology and the potential (at that time) of cryptos in general. Of course, as the crypto ecosystem developed and the economic situation in Argentina was getting worst, most of my friends based on news and my advice moved some of their assets into cryptos.


That’s interesting- I always wonder about “real world” applications of decentralized “value platform” like crypto. When I discuss it here (in the US) with people who are unfamiliar with crypto, their First criticism (invariably) is that it’s not “backed by anything”. When I point out that most Fiat currency also isn’t backed by anything, the next statement is generally “yeah, but it’s backed by the Federal Reserve”. To many US citizens, having oversight by a central financial authority equates to “legitimacy”. So it’s always interesting to hear stories from other places, where they’ve already been through periods of time when the “central banking authority” was Not working in the Public’s best interest. We may be headed in that direction in the US too… time will tell if cryptocurrency becomes a universal storage of wealth. In the meantime, I’ll just keep HODLing ADA. :wink: