Hello everybody from "sunny" Glasgow

Hi there :metal:
I’m a Spaniard living in Glasgow.
Up until last year I had 0 knowledge about investment. I didn’t want to go down that route as I saw it as something for the few, not the many.
When I discovered ADA I knew that i needed to be part of this, so I’m really excited for the future of Cardano and the benefits it can have for everyone (just read today that Uruguay is making btc legal tender)

BTW, big shout out to @ValhallaPool that helped me to get set with Yoroi via Twitter



That “she/her” statement in the profile opened a whole new world to me!

It did boggle my mind for a few slots.



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Welcome to Cardano-verse @Sassysass!

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I was confused for a moment as I didn’t remember adding it here, but I see that I linked my twitter profile.

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Thank you!!

You left me the same way; had to read it 2/3 times to be able of pierce it! x)

Btw, I wonder when a red-hand will be included in the “rainbow-hand”; I guess the native americans and native australians do deserve it too.


Welcome Sassysass!

Quite a combination “Spanish” in Glasgow :grinning: I hope you are managing with the accent Ha Ha!

Your knowledge of Spanish could be an advantage as there are many Crypto projects and currencies are focused on South America where there are lots of opportunities, particularly in making crypto available and beneficial to “the many”.

My main current project is all about helping the masses understand and benefit from the cryptocurrency & blockchain industry.

I hope you find your niche in the industry…,

Best wishes,

Carl Henry