Hello from Canada! 👋🏼

First off, thank you for having me. I honestly feel blessed to have an opportunity to be apart of this community and want to see ours and our descendants future world be better/fair/inclusive/transparent etc… I originally heard about Cardano in 2016/17 and didn’t look too much into it as I was just starting to gain interest in crypto currency and cryptography back then. What brought me to invest and be apart of this community was Mr Charles Hoskinson and learning about his vision of a better future world. For the people by the people. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. :heart::earth_americas::v:t3:


Hi Jimos, It was nice to meet you.
I am Matt McTavish. I am from Kolkata, India.
I have been taking an interest in cryptocurrency since 2020.
Currently, I am working as an SEO executive for a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, named Rank U Up.

Welcome here!