Hello from China Shanghai

Hi I’m Hanfei from China, Shanghai. I’m a haskell developer and I am very impressed about the cardano source code, I think if you guys can write these code, you must be serious about what you are doing, it’s kind of “Proof Of Code”:grinning:


Hello @liming_ihaomo , Could you recommend a Chinese platform to buy ADA? I have some chinese friends asking me about it,



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wo bu shuo zhongwen. Xingwen, ni keyi shuo yingyu, xibanyayu,

sorry, I just heard cardano for a few days, I don’t know how to buy ADA, but I guess there is no direct way to buy ADA in China now. maybe later I can do something about that.
currently I focus on cardano code because I found that many cardano code can be used in other blockchain project and it really help me a lot.

Welcome @liming_ihaomo Hanfei :slight_smile:

You can tell your chinese friends to join telegram chinese group https://t.me/CardanoHodlers