Hello from Ecuador

Hi everyone, I’m a software developer working on a Plutus-based application (yes, yes, Plutus is not officially released yet, that doesn’t prevent us from developing stuff). I have worked in several assorted jobs, some of them related to finance, and now I’m working on cracking open what Plutus hides in the source code. Expect from me assorted stuff on how Plutus works!


Welcome @javcasas !
If someone (non speaking english) ask you about the project, you may suggest him/her to visit the education category and select the :es: flags as per being able to find several spanish documents about this poject

Hi Javcasas, welcome to the community, it’s good to see you on here and look forward to hearing about what you are doing with Plutus :+1:

Welcome to the forum! Love your enthusiasm for plutus. Best of luck on your project.

Hello and Welcome to the great forum and Cardano Community! All the best!