Joining the ranks from Argentina!

Hello! I’m Gaston from Cordoba city, Argentina.
I’m a software developer, I recently graduated as Software Engineer although I’ve been working as a dev for 8+ years now, mostly focused on the .NET environment. Funny enough, the course I hated the most in college (I dont even remember its name) was one where the teacher imposed us Haskell.
Anyway, I’m really excited about the project, been reading about it since November (came a little late to the party), I’m spreading the news to my friends a colleagues, and I was able to grab a few coins before this surreal bull run, so I’m both emotionally and financially invested in the project!
I’m very interested in learning Plutus, and I think the idea to support mainstream programming languages in the future is a brilliant move. In Warren Buffet’s words, the castle is looking great, the king is not a tyrant, and the moat is getting bigger and bigger, so it seems nobody and nothing will be able to storm this castle in the foreseeable future.
For now, I’m looking forward to meet other Cardanians from LATAM, Argentina, or even from my city, that would be neat.
Random stuff about me: I practice archery (olympic recurve style), I’m libertarian, fan of Real Madrid, Tolkien and Milton Friedman, and I wish I would have the same success in Tinder as I have in LinkedIn, tough luck.
Wish you the very best for this new year, and be safe, stay away from socialism and collectivism.


Hello and welcome to the forum Gaston!

Glad to have you here, even more so because we can really benefit from your skills as a developer.

Greetings from :switzerland:


Welcome @Zukki :wave:t2:

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Bienvenido Gastón!! Liberal y del Real, bien ahi! Falta que seas de Velez jajaja. Entra al grupo de telegram cardano argentina donde seguro hay gente de Córdoba! Abrazo desde Bs As!

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Gracias @JulianM me acabo de sumar al telegram, voy a estar atento a ese canal tambien!

Hi Zukki. Welcome to Cardano. You can join the official Telegram Cardano group in spanish here. From Córdoba to help. Cheers.