Hello from Georgia, USA

Hi everyone. My name is Grace and I am very new to cryptos (3 months) and I have invested in ADA and wish to learn how the project is progressing. Nice meeting you all!


Well hello and welcome to the forum!
Ada is currently in a great state and the founder of IOHK is currently on a world tour spreading the good news of Cardano and blockchain technology, the best way to understand where the project is progressing is through watching the video’s of the developers and the interviews of Charles Hoskinson (I personally enjoyed the boxmining interview on youtube) the community is in great spirit IMO and not just holding but stacking ADA before staking begins, welcome again I hope to see you around.



Only in crypto for 3 months and already invested in ADA is great!

Now just hold tight, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Hi Grace. Welcome aboard! Love the name Grace BTW.

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Hello Grace, welcome to the forum, I am also new to crypto(4 months) and Cardano caught my eye right away, I personally think it is a great project and worthy of investment.

Thanks for the info!