Hello from London, UK. Hello my name is Terry aka CryptoFanGuy

Hello my name is Terry aka CryptoFanGuy. Only recently, about 5 months, got involved with crypto currency.
I have not bought any ADA yet. Signed up to Bittrex and Binance 2 days ago and only downloaded Daedalus a few hours ago. Found it a little confusing at first but fortunately found this forum and went through the Beginners questions and found it a great help. Still researching Cardano and ADA and hope to be purchasing my first ADA within the next few days,


Hallo Terry,


Glad to hear the forum helped @CryptoFanGuy Terry :slight_smile: Welcome!

Hello Ghost

Thank you for your welcome.

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Hello Jon

Thanks for your welcome and yes the beginners category of forum help a great deal.

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