Hello from County Durham, UK


I have recently invested and purchased some ADA. Loving the community and the professionalism set by Cardano and its people.


I am also new to the forum and ADA. I am really enjoying learning about crypto and love our coin!!
Saludos from Mexico City!


Hi @davidmstorey and welcome to the forum from a Horden, County Durham lad


Hi @Oboeajusco and welcome to the forum


How long have you been invested in ADA? Not many people from Durham have heard of Crypto never mind invested in it.


Almost a year now, first found out about crypto in general on Quora


let’s hope something comes of it then eh. hopefully, this new wallet that works in a browser opens things up a little.


yeah hopefully, i have a lot of faith in this team so not too worried for the future


Yes, same here. They are transparent and professional.


@davidmstorey a very late but warm welcome! :slight_smile:


Hello @davidmstorey! Welcome to the Cardano community and forum. Great having another one on board this ship! Cheers m8 :slight_smile: