Hello from Nigeria

Hi everyone, I am Bola-Ige Alabi-Efeshodiamhe, a cryptocurrency and Blockchain expert.
I started investing in Cardano in May 2019


Hello! Welcome and thanks for posting! Love to hear about blockchain news from Nigeria

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Hello Dinmanefe

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Welcome @dinmanefe!

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Welcome @dinmanefe. Great to have more people from Africa in the forum!


Welcome @dinmanefe

Thank you all.
I am making effort to stage Cardano Meetup in Nigeria in the month of October, where participants can learn more about ADA coin and it’s benefits.


Hello Flintstone

Welcome @dinmanefe !!

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Please help, how to stage the first Cardano Meetup in Nigeria?

Welcome Buddy. Good to have you aboard.

Have you spoke to @Joshua already?
I believe he is organizing a meetup in Nigeria also

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hey buddy, good to have you here. I’ve held quite a few meetups already in Nigeria. looking to hold another one in December, we should talk more on how you can participate.

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