Hello from Norway/Australia!


Hi, gang!

Found this place through reddit, and finally found where all the quality ADA discussions has been hiding.
Norwegian entrepreneur/developer here, currently living in Australia. Currently working on my startup www.amiroh.com, and learning solidity and dipping my toes in cryptoinvesting on the side.

Hope you all have a terrific day!


Welcome to the community! Your countries are doing well in the Olympics, Awesome! live it up, nothing like seeing someone from where you claim to be living their dream.
I Did not look into your startup, but solidity is an awesome play in crypto, I hope it serves you well.
Please post your developments here so the rest of us can see tour progress in programming, start a new topic if you need, whatever you are feeling, its good to have new blood in our space.


welcome :hugs:


Haha, thank you! Really excited to start testing out smart contracts on the cardano network next year! Currently working on a whitepaper about solving transparency and tracebility in the Norwegian seafood industry, hoping I can share it here someday soon!

Amazing community!