Hello from Quebec Mathematician

I am mathematician (graduated November 2019, PhD, Toronto) much impressed by the principles and vision of CARDANO project. After 12+ years studying mathematics in Canadian universities, I’m greatly disappointed in the gross naivety and idealism of academic “mathematicians”. I possibly read too much Lyndon Larouche publications, and am interested in real world machine tool principles and concrete applications…

My gut tells me Cardano will persist, and it apparently has the strongest scientific fundamentals among almost all crypto projects.

Now I love solving problems, even seemingly impossible problems. So these days I’m looking to learn everything I can about Cardano, and hunting for projects and opportunities to apply my talents.

As far as programming and mathematics, I am much influenced by the WOLFRAM Mathematica language (symbolic and functional programming), and have been quite frustrated with Python language, which I find tedious and unreadable for humans. So I was quite pleased to learn that Cardano is built on Haskell, a language more aligned with the mathematicians mode of operating and reasoning.

Happy to be here, happy to learn more about the full scope of Cardano project.



Welcome! Thanks for posting and looking forward to your contributions!

Hi @JHMartel ,

welcome to Cardano forum. Nice to have you here. :partying_face:

Hello, @JHMartel. How are you? Most welcome to join the community. :wink:

Welcome @JHMartel !

Your thoughts, perspective, and opinions are most welcome. For some, mathematics is their weakest subject - - - so, I am sure anything you have to share is extremely valuable.

Have any projects sparked your interest so far? Have you navigated your way to Catalyst/IdeaScale?

Personally, I’d love to hear anything you have to say.

Cheers from California.