Hello from south of france

Hello, i do not have much to say except that i follow bitcoin since 2009 …i did mine just at beginning without know it could reach the level of 20k dollars each …of course i lost many coin with mtgox hack & cryptsy…
i like cardano project

thx you


Hello, Welcome to the Cardano community and forum! Wish i was following bitcoin since 2009, sorry to hear about your loss of coins. Wish you the best from here on out :slight_smile: Hopefully like me, you will enjoy reading the many interesting and intelligent topics on here.

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Welcome to the community Ady_Tech :smiley:
Great to have you here.

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Welcome to the Cardano Forum @Ady_Tech :wave:

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Bienvenue ! Si jamais tu veux de la lecture en Français… :slight_smile:


Salut @Ady_Tech et @Psychomb, depuis le temps que j’attends des français ici ca fait plaisir

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Hello and welcome @Ady_Tech, but please do learn from your losses with MTGOX and now cryptopia… don’t leave your funds on exchanges! :scream_cat:

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Avec plaisir je vais lire un peut tout ca :slight_smile:

CosmosX , merci et je pense que nous somme pas mal de Français a aimer Cardano

Misteraxyz , i did not leave my fund into Cryptopia , it was for make few trades and send them to another exchange, myself create bots (arbitrage bots)

also im the person that have created and gave the source for free the Cryptsy Clone few years ago
(it is not my repo right now because i have deleted from my own)

salut les gars !