New motivated french guy

Hi there,

I’m Alex from France.

I discovered cryptocurrencies through investment during the crisis at the start of the year.

Before, I had never sought to know or understand.

I worked a lot to choose the best crypto to invest in.

My work led me to take a very large part of ADA, something I have not regretted since …

But I did not sell them as it was foreseen. As my knowledge progressed, I became more and more attached to the project and to the linked community.

This is what brings me here today. I think, within my means, want to take part in the development of Cardano.

This includes trying to deploy a node, instructing me and why not to make others discover it then.

I will surely not be able to manage on my own for the hardware / software aspect. Even if I am in the web environment for my work, I am not specialist enough to take in hand, alone, all these concepts.

If caring people, with a little time, preferably French or French speaking are available to support me, it would be great!

Of course, if you speak English, it is also good, we will understand each other! (even you can see here that my english is not perfect) : D

While waiting to read you with pleasure,



hey @RogerComte and welcome to our commnuity!

Je parle aussi un peu de français, mais je préfère l’anglais ou l’allemand. :smiley: