Hello From Switzerland!

I was born in Germany, living in Switzerland since 2007. I work as a software developer/contracter, mainly in the banking and ensurance area. Getting into the crypto currencies area is somehow unavoidable if you do that sort of work.

When I moved to Switzerland, there was the crisis triggered by the “Lehmann brothers” failure, and the birth of bitcoin.

I would like to move over from “classical” banking, to “decentralized” banking, i.e. distributed ledgers. However, for people like me this also needs some courage! I think I am beginning to understand more and more, and if you are trying to assess some of the projects, it becomes obvious that the Cardano project could be a big hit. I bet it will be, and this is why I am here!

Happy new year! There is no doubt, that a lot of things will happen in 2018 that will show if I am right with my assessment of the Cardano project. It will be exciting! Maybe more exciting that most people still expect …


Welcome lyrx

Welcome to this forum

Hi @lyrx1! hope you are enjoying the forum.
Just wanted to let you know that we will be in Zurich next month for a meetup so if you are nearby, you should definitely stop by! :smiley:

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Thanks Maki will try to come.

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