Help wanted for infographics for staking tweet from Charles



Here is a video if it helps with any ideas…


Hey Donnybaseball/Rick/community,

I’ve been hanging round here for a while now and on the Traxia telegram a lot. I’m a crypto and blockchain copywriter/technical writer and I’d love to help out in any way I can, even if it’s just proof reading and synthesizing what other developers etc. write :slight_smile:

Following this thread, watching your vid!


@Criterion811 - Hello Elliot, how are you Sir?

I think Charles wants the volunteers to contact Joshua Miller based on his telegram post in Cardano General.
I tried to upload the power point here. Then I realized, where will people submit their content? Try this…


Ah ok, I was just starting a gdoc for a working document. I’ll get it touch with him! Thanks :slight_smile:


the gdoc may be an equal, if not better way to work on a solution.


Only just started it, anyone with link can edit :slight_smile:


P.S. if you guys decide to use the gdoc, if someone could post it to Charles’ twitter that would be cool, as I don’t have an active twitter account :slight_smile:


Bedtime now, feel free to jump in and add/take away :slight_smile:


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Wow this is great guys! Would love to help if I can. I do a little graphic design here and there. I own Adobe CS5.5 Master suite and mostly use Photoshop and Illustrator. I’ll start reading more into staking and see if I can come up some infographics. Also if anyone has any good suggestions on what kind of graphics I can make that would best represent important information to staking that would be awesome. :grin:


We appreciate the help @Criterion811. Just wanted to let you know, Emurgo is looking for a copywriter. Maybe you would like to apply.


Thanks @Bullish, I’ll check that out, would love the opportunity!


A update video on this will be made soon:


Hey everyone how’s it going,

Any more news on this? :slight_smile:

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Not that I know of, have not seen any video on this yet. I would like to see these stakepool “Best practices”. It governs what the infographics should look like and represent.

Without it everyone is just making (some really beautiful) designs that have no context or relation to best practices when staking.


Charles live right now.



Thanks! watching now!