Help with Plutus Tutorial

I’m looking for some help with the Plutus tutorial found here

The problem starts at step 3, where this code:

validator :: ValidatorScript
validator = ValidatorScript (fromCompiledCode $$(PlutusTx.compile
[|| (a :: ()) (b :: ()) (c :: ()) -> () ||]))

causes this error: " error: parse error on input `]’ " when I try compiling locally.

If I try to use the playground that the tutorial links to, I get this error: " You need to import the mkFunctions and printSchemas in order to compile successfully, you can do this with either
import Playground.Contract
import Playground.Contract (mkFunctions, printSchemas) " despite the fact that the import for Playground.Contract is present.

Can anyone tell me what I’m missing/what’s wrong here?