Interpreter Errors

I’m having an issue working the tutorials on Plutus playground. I posted on stack overflow.
I’m trying to figure out why there are Interpreter Errors.

I posted more information on Stack Overflow but the last question I had they closed it, I’m new to Haskell and Plutus and I’ve read the whole Plutus book. I’m just trying to learn this and would be grateful for help.

Interpreter Errors
• Variable not in scope: endpoints :: Contract s0 T.Text a0
• Perhaps you meant ‘endpoint’ (imported from Language.Plutus.Contract)
101 | main = printJson $ stage endpoints “”[{\“blocks\”:10,\“tag\”:\“AddBlocks\”},{\“blocks\”:10,\“tag\”:\“AddBlocks\”}]"" “[{“simulatorWalletBalance”:{“getValue”:[[{“unCurrencySymbol”:”"},[[{“unTokenName”:""},10]]]]},“simulatorWalletWallet”:{“getWallet”:1}},{“simulatorWalletBalance”:{“getValue”:[[{“unCurrencySymbol”:""},[[{“unTokenName”:""},10]]]]},“simulatorWalletWallet”:{“getWallet”:2}}]"
| ^^^^^^^^

Hello @jnprogrammer ,
if you followed the Plutus book (which is a little outdated) chances are that you are using a Plutus Playground that is also outdated. (it should redirect to the lastest one though)

Can you please confirm or double check that you are using this one:

EDIT: okay, just saw you are using the right one. It seems like you are using the variable “endpoints” before there was a definition of it yet.

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