Helping to advance Cardano

Hello, I’m relatively new to cryptocurrency. I try to understand everything that Charles and the rest of his team explain but lots of the information is above my pay grade.
I would like to propose a guide to best help this massive effort move forward.
For example, would it help if I bought a Sirin lab phone? Or would it be better to leave my wallet open 24/07?
I watched (while I was doing paperwork and inputing my work week into my work phone app) The latest video of Charles in Asia. I noted that the audience was polled regarding their participation in the development of Cardano. There was a card mentioned and nobody in the audience had yet participated with this yet. This was stated as problematic.
Please advise if this information is available and where. I’d like to help.
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I think you are referencing having your wallet log reporting enabled in your install for data collection. I think doing that and investing in the project is all that is needed. Unless your are a brainiac engineer!

Just need to correct something…it is CardanO…not CardonA

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i fixed that for you :wink:, also moved to beginners section as this is not related to technical support.

@Catacomb, welcome to the community!


Greetings! And welcome!
Charles does so many video’s and it is hard to catch them all, so I missed the card you say was mentioned but will go look for it in a bit (watch some of the latest vids)
You will not need to buy a Sirin lab phone to help out, that would show Sirin labs support but i am not sure that it will do much for Cardano, and there is no need to run a node unless like myself you want to keep your wallet fresh and every now and then sync with the network to avoid a longer sync process later, when staking begins than running a node could benefit you and could benefit Cardano but won’t be quite necessary (this is not being run like a typical qt client for a script coin or other, the network is secured)

I am all for a guide to best help this effort but it could have pitfalls, I just throw in what I can and contribute the best I know how, but I have seen somewhere on here or reddit that education is a good place to contribute and participate in the project, and in my opinion is a good place to contribute, not sure what the numbers are of blockchain awareness globally but it is significantly low, people are having a hard time understanding what blockchain can do for the world, I can assure you that education goes a long way, 4-5 years ago I pushed for people to get into crypto and they kind of shrugged it off but now those that remember that I was trying to twist their arm to get them in have a full grasp of what bitcoin is and are now not shy of it and are willing to listen when I tell them of Cardano and the benefits that it will bring to the world - rambling on a little here, anyway there is no real guide on how to help and if there were it would be a shame if something little was left out and could have contributed the most if someone just participated using it, so I suggest talking with others on different idea’s and if they would benefit the community and ultimately the movement and act on a general consensus of what you come up with, hope you find somewhere to participate!

I do want a Sirin Labs Android! They are so cool! :sunglasses::heart_eyes::sunglasses:

I almost want to edit this cause the more nodes the more decentralized it is, but not exactly necesary :slight_smile:

Edit: Do you have a link for the video?

I blame my phone lol

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If you’d like to help advance Cardano you should take a look and consider contributing to the new Cardano Wiki, which is a community project, by and for anyone who is interested.


I’ve spent over 30 minutes looking for it no luck yet. It was recorded from a balcony looking down with a cell phone. I’m not giving up, I’ll find it.

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I would like to add something to this. Bitcoin has paved the way into mainstream adoption, but just because it was the first does not mean it was the best. Here are some tips to promote growth of the crypto community.

  • Vote for political figures who favor blockchain “For example, Steve Stockman, a US Representative for the 36th Congressional District of Texas, has indicated in the past that he favors the bitcoin industry as a way to create jobs in his home state.”

  • Follow local and federal bills that support or are in favor of crytpos “New Mexico is already known as a state where bitcoin businesses can get things done. The state’s Financial Institutions Division does not license or regulate money transmitters, making it a friendly place for digital currency-related ventures.”

  • Stay active not only in this community, but other communities.

  • Whether its talking to friends or family, have an educational conversation. Talk about the benefits of your favorite cryptos or what they have to offer the world. Simple things like this can help promote growth. People fear what they don’t understand, but as a community we can help people understand what this great tech has to offer.

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