Hermespool - Your reliable pool located in Germany

Hello everybody,

let me take the chance to introduce you to our Germany based Stakepools Hermes (#HRMS) and Hermina (#HRMA). We have been active on the non-incentivised testnets prior to their public launch for many months and brought our first pool online on the day the incentivised testnet went live. During very unstable network conditions we managed to improve our performance constantly, gaining delegator’s trust, and seeing our pool approach saturation at close to 90mio ADA staked. We decided to open a second pool and encourage our delegators to move parts of their stake from HRMS to HRMA to optimize performance and maximize their return of investment.

Both pools are running on dedicated servers in a professional datacenter in Germany.

Specs: 6-core, 32Gb, 1Gbit uplink, 240Gb SSD (Raid1), 99,9% availability (SLA)

We are charging 0 fixed fees and take a 5% (HRMS) or 4% (HRMA) share per epoche.

We also have a telegram channel to stay up to date with block production and other pool relevant infos, as well as Twitter, of course:

We are looking forward to new delegators and are always happy to answer questions and give support on our social media channels!

Cheers from Germany,




Hi all,

let me take the chance on this platform to give you some more insights about our Germany based Hermespool family. We are currently running two stakepools called Hermes (Ticker: HRMS) and Hermina (Ticker: HRMA) both on dedicated servers in Düsseldorf, Germany. The server specs for each node are:

6-core 3.6Ghz, 32Gb RAM, 1Gbit uplink (300mbit guaranteed), 99,99% SLA

We don’t charge any fixed fees and only charge a 5% tax (HRMS) or 4% tax (HRMA) based on the epoche results. Both pools have a fee cap of 10k if this value should ever be reached!

Besides running the pools we are hosting two telegram channels to keep our delegators up to date with pool statistics and a more general discussion and feedback channel:

General Hermespool room:

Notification channel:

As our 1st pool was running towards saturation we opened up the 2nd channel to give our delegators the chance to improve their ROI. We advised them to switch from HRMS to HRMA which many did. The result turned out as expected that our overall stake didn’t really increase a lot, but was more or less split on two pools. This benefits both sides, so we consider this strategy as successful. We are currently not planning to start a third pool and give other pool operators a fair chance to increase their stake!

We have some interesting projects running in the background (e.g. (d)apps, meetups, educational material) which will hopefully add some value to the whole cardano ecosystem and will reveal the details as soon as possible. As we are based in the german speaking area of Europe we are happy to welcome delegators and telegram members from all over the world, of course!

If there are any questions feel free to reach out here or in telegram. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Cheers Wunderbaer


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