Hermes Stakepool Germany (HRMS & HRMS2)

Hello everybody,

we are as excited as everybody else involved in Cardano that we can finally have Shelley, and therefore delegation and staking rewards on mainnet. After spending months running our pools on the incentivised testnet and hunting bugs as a Pioneer in the Family&Friends testnet we finally made it!

If you are still looking for a reliable stakepool you might want to check out our “Hermes Stakepool Germany” which comes with the following specs:

Ticker: #HRMS & #HRMS2
Location: Germany / Europe
Pledge: 500k (split into 250k for each pool)
Fixed fee: 340 ADA (the minimum)
Variable fee: 2%

Pool-ID: (needed for staking through AdaLite)

HRMS: d248ded3c18e0e80d07a46f00a2d808075b989ccb1a0e40a76e5cee1
HRMS2: be1078775557de6c9116130289c6099520a267820ba1eebd040909e4

Our pools are both hosted on dedicated servers in Germany running two relay nodes for geographical redundancy in the EU and the US.

We are a team of experienced system administrators, developers and marketing/community specialists who have been active on the ITN already with several thousand blocks successfully produced. According to pooltool #HRMS has been amongst the top 20% pools on the ITN as you can see here: Pooltool Awards

Besides running the stakepool we focus on creating original educational content for both experienced crypto users as well as new comers to further drive adoption and growth of the Cardano ecosystem. Furthermore we are a active member within the german speaking community (DACH) on Telegram & Twitter. In the long run we are also planning to offer marketing services and partnership programs for developers building on the Cardano network.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to reach out:


Looking forward to your delegations,

Cheers Wunderbaer


I feel good. To see great people like you again

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Thanks a lot for the kind words! Happy to be back…

As we currently don’t know where exactly the saturation point will be, as it depends on the total % ada staked, #HRMS2 might be the better option for new delegators to Hermes Stakepool for now!

We thank everybody who is putting their trust into our stakepools and please don’t hesitate to reach out through our social media channels in case you have any questions!


If you are still looking for an option how to stake using your Ledger until Yoroi support is there, see our tutorial:

Staking with Ledger using AdaLite Wallet

Thanks Wunderbaer (Matthias)