Hi, Dear community. Please help. My node can not run

terminal show error fetching the genesis block from the network. could not download block hash.

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Hi Vivi (@vivisnow) great to see you back, have you tried posting in #communitytechnicalsupport to see if they can resolve the issue or contact one of the @Ambassadors, @IOHK-team or @bigpey, again great to have you here.

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@Trigger see my comment in the thread you started in CTS.

CTS is for ordinary user support, not developers, who have their own special categories.

(Edited to remove my mistaken comment about tags.)

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Looks like the official peers may have been down.
You can check their status here and add the additional ones to your configuration for more redundancy.


thank you
I will try it.

I find these comments interesting. I had a major computer glitch when two programs were upgrading at the same time. This I believe corrupted my testnet wallet which was open at the time of the crash between the two programs. I had several wonder full folks try to help me resolve the issue and continued to have the problem. Then it seems all hell broke loose people started being nasty and even IOHK support suspended my ability to contact them.

I had a decent amount of ADA staked and had been rewarded with a very nice amount of Reward ADA before the account stopped working.

I was only able to get the wallet up and running again when I abandoned the first testnet wallet, restored it from scratch and began again with a new updated ITN wallet. The wallet works beautifully except all the staked ADA and rewards ADA are gone. I followed instructions again clearing State files closing the wallet restarting the computer etc and am still unable to connect with my stake and rewards.

IOHK Support just ignores my requests for assistance.

Any suggestions?

My problem not

ok, I have another problem…
Can I install it manually? How to do it?
I can not copy Cardano-node-1.13.0 to~/.loacal/bin

You may have built a different version other than 1.13.0, or the build might have failed for some reason. You could try building 1.13.0 again by running:

git fetch --all --tags
git checkout tags/1.13.0
cabal build all

Then try copying again.

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I offer node support in my discord server, it’s hard for me to check multiple channels. Sorry!

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Thanks, I can run node.


Hi Dear friendly community, I’m having problems.
I didn’t generate payment key pair and stake key pair
Please help. Thanks.

Check if cardano-cli is in your ~/.local/bin directory with:

ls ~/.local/bin

If not, copy it in with:

cp -p dist-newstyle/build/x86_64-linux/ghc-8.6.5/cardano-cli-1.13.0/x/cardano-cli/build/cardano-cli/cardano-cli ~/.local/bin/

No such file or directory

Looks like cardano-cli is in there.
In that case check your .bashrc file with

nano ~/.bashrc

and make sure the below line is in there:


if not, add in at the bottom, then save with ctrl + o and exit with ctrl + x

then run:

source ~/.bashrc
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I followed the steps but command not found. Faint :exploding_head:

but I can see my payment vkey and staking vkey.
I don’t understand what happened?

That all looks right. I’m not sure why that wouldn’t be working.
Maybe check permissions on cardano-cli with:

ls -l ~/.local/bin

Check the PATH variable with:

echo $PATH

and make sure ~/.local/bin is in there.

You could also try running cardano-cli with its full path: