Hi from Austin Texas

Hey y’all,

I’m David from Austin, Heard Ken talk about Cardano in Singapore … really got me interested in what you all are doing.

We build authenticated IoT with a local ECC part creating autonomous keys in each device. Interested in building an oracle to bring IoT data onto blockchain via IoT Blocks - data blocks encrypted, hashed and signed at the origin.

Posted an article on Medium recently about oracles and how we relate them to IoT.

Looking forward to learning more about Cardano and how we can help. david@vitro


Welcome @david6oodman!

@Vitro, welcome on board.

Welcome @david6oodman! Seems like you’re building really cool tech. You’ve landed in the right place. As you are aware, IoT will rely heavily on blockchain tech to penetrate the markets. And Cardano is being built from the ground up to be able to scale vertically on par adoption. Quite literally, a perfect match :+1:


Very cool! I’ve been investigating the wireless link side of IOT recently. Looking at DECT and UWB in 6Gig.

We looked at DECT a few years ago … have settled on Thread for indoor/local and LoRa for wide area. I’d like to hear if DECT has been updated since it’s been a while.

Thanks Tiago, Sorry for being slow to respond. We are building an oracle-based approach that allows IoT Blocks (hashed, signed, encrypted IoT time series data) to inject operating data into smart contracts/blockchain. Similar to Oraclize (Proven) or Chainlink … but with the data authenticated at the source. We will did into building as a service for Cardano.

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Welcome on board

Good on u David, great to have someone with your knowledge and skills join

DECT ULE looks interesting: