Hi from Louisville, CO


I’m an experienced embedded systems engineer, Haskell hobbyist and aspiring Rust hacker. I’m new to the world of crypto, but am learning quickly and particularly excited about Ouroboros. I’d like to help others grok Cardano and would happily disrupt any attempts to “avoid success as all costs.” I have a 6-week block available soon and would like to use that time to gain expertise in one or two technologies. I’m leaning towards a detailed comparison between Ouroboros and Plasma, but am open to ideas. Thoughts?



Hey Greg,
Nice to have you on board :slight_smile:
So you’re diving into the cardano -sl next month or two?
I’m in the process of getting a machine, then setup a node on nixos and all that (ran nixos on my dell but it didn’t recognize wifi and no cable port = game over).
Would be great to have a more experienced fella around going through the same things :slight_smile:


Hi @rin9s, probably no need for NixOS. Have you tried using the Nix package manager to build cardano-sl on a more popular Linux distro? I tried sifting through the BuildKite scripts but wasn’t able to figure out what flavor of Linux CI is using. They recently deleted a TravisCI configuration file, so I’d try Ubuntu first. Good luck!



I have not, but now I think I will. Though ubuntu won’t use my wifi either, maybe that one’s solvable.
I thought NixOS was the “official” OS the IOHK used. I just feel confused…


Nix is a package manager whereas NixOS is a minimal Linux distribution that includes just enough to run its package manager. Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution that is more likely to have your wifi drivers and also a place where you can install the Nix package manager. Cardano SL is packaged for Nix and should be buildable on any version of Linux after you’ve installed the Nix package manager.



Constructive and informing. gl all


Hi @garious! I think a detailed comparison between Ouroboros and Plasma would be very interesting.

Hi @rin9s! Not sure what version you’re on, but I had an easier time using Ubuntu 17.10 with Cardano than Ubuntu 16.04.


Welcome @garious Greg! :smiley: