Hi from Rotterdam [NL]

Hi All,

I’m Ilhan from Rotterdam, I’m a blockchain engineer at Blocklab. We are a blockchain fieldlab and we are doing use-cases in supply chains and in Energy.

My first post on this forum was to organize a meet-up in the Netherlands. I saw one was already started regarding amsterdam, so I didn’t bother as the Netherlands isn’t that big.

We will be discovering Cardano to see if we can use it for future use-cases. Within Blocklab our current focus is Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Hyperledger and IOTA. But we know far too little yet and want to take the time explore and educate other by means of trainings or meetups.

Any way, if you have any questions shoot … :smiley:


Welcome to the forum llhan!
As you discover Cardano what type of use case would your fieldlab apply it to? I am very interested in supply chain on blockchain technology.

Hello from Yucaipa,Ca.