Hi From the UK

Hi everyone thought it only polite to introduce myself.

I recently picked up some ada and look forward to obtaining more as we move forward.
I normally mine for coins so this will be the first coin I will actually be staking and I’m very excited about the whole project.

I have tried to research how many coins will be needed to stake (masternode) . I have read that staking pools may be available but I’m not that trusting so I would prefer to stake on my own. =) . So if anyone has any idea on the amount of coins needed to stake I would appreciate it so I know in advance how many to buy.


Hi @ofpcarnage welcome to the forum. To the best of my knowledge there is no minimum staking amount required. I’m assuming we will get more information on staking in 2 days with the update coming. The more you stake the higher the odds of being elected slot leader in one epoch.

Staking will also be used to vote for projects, if you are interested, there is a great whiteboard explanation of the treasury Here.


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Thank you for your warm welcome.
I will take a look at the whiteboard thank you again.
At the moment I only have a small amount of ADA but I will look at adding more in the future. I wish I could add more now before the price goes up lol