Hodler in hard fork era

I´m not a very technical person so my questions might be a little bit stupid for you, but I still didn’t find 100% valid answer for me.

It´s simple.
I´m holding ADA from 2018 so my coins are in old blockchain. I have just seed from the coins. No active wallet in pc, no exchanges… Now is comming new blockchain and I don´t know what I have to do with my coins.

  • I want just continue holding my old ADA ( no staking)
  • Is necessary to move my coins?

  • Is necessary to do somethink?

  • Is there any chance to lost my coins due hardfork?

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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only updating your wallet


its not like bitcoin fork where 2 different blockchains are supported. As a ada-holder you only have to update your wallet and everything is done on your side.


Thank you,
So I can just wait for example to 2023, download latest daedalus or yoroi and input seedphrase. right?

correct. :slight_smile:

Not the answer for your question but just wanted to make this clear…

The way the protocol is built you won’t need to send your coins anywhere for staking. If someone tells you to send them your ADA it’s probably a scam.

If you decide to stake you can hold your ADA and earn staking rewards at the same time.