"old" ada on ladger nano s


First I would like to say hello to everybody cause this is my first post.

Second I’ve got a question.

When came possibility to hold ADA on ledger I order it, sent all my ADA’s coins on it and put it in to drawer.

I didnt do anything with it from that time. Do I have to do any upgrade or something? Is it possibly to lose ADA if I will leave them on it without any action for example for 2-3 years?

Second question is about yoroi wallet. At the moment I had 1.9.0 ver. Do I have to uprade it for my own and do I have to uprade softwere on my NANO S or both will do automaticly? (I’m not in Shelley testnet)

Thank you all for your response

Hello @rev84 and welcome to the forum!

Yes even if you don’t do anything and don’t update your ledger you will be able to withdraw your ADA all the time. The ledger device acts like a container which holds your private keys. With them you are able to restore your ada wallet in any compatible wallet out there.

Yoroi is updating automaticly if im correct :slight_smile:

if you got any more questions, feel free to ask.



Thanks for fast response :slight_smile:
So even after hard fork I will not do antything with my ada on my ledger after for exapmple few years I will not lose them?

Precisely. No need to worry. Only downside is: You will miss out staking rewards.


Hello and Welcome :wave:

This is unrelated to your main point but may be relevant for you in “2-3 years”.
Airgap isn’t my thing, so I use the, 17th century tech or older, test to secure seeds. Eyes on seed shouldn’t require a cable or any power source. Ask yourself, what were Galileo’s safekeeping options?