Hola from Catalonia!

My name is Anna, living in a small town in the catalan contryside (still Spain).

My background is more social activism than informatics so what I love from cardano is that it is a door that opens to distribute money in a more fair way. Thanks for that.:pray:
Let s put our energy and intention to make alternatives grouth to built a better world!!:rainbow::earth_africa::sun_with_face:

Then, i have an embryo idea about a local token and i really would like to ask to somebody from cardano team how far from the reality this idea is. Would It be possible? :blush:

By the way, my partner (half english, half egypcian) has been in crypto since 2010, he was who introduce me to this world and help me to understand at least the easier cardano layers, then deep in side It s still incomprehensible for me :grin::sweat_smile:
So we two love cardano philosophy and ready to be more active.
Thanks for dreaming highly, we do as well :grinning:

Waiting for your answer


Welcome @anna_karakola!


Hola @anna_karakola. great to have you here.

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Is It to you that i can explain/ask about the possibility to built a catalan token??

Can i write It down shortly and send It to you to know your opinion??:grin:



El dj., 8 ag. 2019 , 11:34, Tilmar Goos via Cardano Forum cardano@discoursemail.com va escriure:

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Ups!! The mail i wrote came to appear hereโ€ฆ:sweat_smile: