How can get my xpub key from Deadalus wallet?

Hi, I would like to get my xpub key from my Deadalus wallet. Is it possible ?

Thank you !

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Hi There,
I am not sure of your use case, but you’d probably want to interact at cardano-wallet level instead of Daedalus wallet.

Ofcourse as regards your specific question - with the assumption that you’re talking about Daedalus Mainnet (not the old Daedalus wallet), your Wallet ID and and root pub key can be found in the SQLite DB under your Daedalus profile (on Windows, that’d be %AppData%\Daedalus Mainnet\wallets) folder.
You can query your db using select * from private_key; , a sample output below :


I’m using Daedalus and I want to be able to enter my ‘xpub’ ‘root’ key into an explorer or ideally into a TAX tracking website so I can trace all my transfers and addresses without the ordeal of tracing every used ADA address.

I used the SQLite Viewer Plugin for Chrome to open the database in %AppData%\Daedalus Mainnet\wallets
Once selected type private_key in the pop up.

When you have your key in Decimal (Byte) form, you can paste it in this converter here selecting ‘Coma’ as the Number delimiter.
The ASCII text will be your root key

Not sure how useful it is now I have it, can someone point me to a way outside of Daedalus to track my public keys?