How can i be sure that my lended money gets payed back?

For lending money from a bank i have to do a KYC. This way bakns can secure that i pay back the money. How will this be done on Cardano. Will i also just do a KYC at the service provider or is ther another way?

You can buy ADA in various ways. Some exchanges (e.g. Binance) require KYC when you want to do bank transfers or a reach a certain trading/withdraw volume. The Cardano network does not do KYC, it only knows payment/stake addresses with no link to legal entities.

Thank you for your response!
I dont know if you got my question right. Here is an example of what i mean:
So if i do a peer to peer lending with Marlowe the only way of getting my money back is trusting that the borrower pays me back?
In lecture 9 of the pioneers programm we saw a simular example but if trust is the only solution in a trustless system this makes no sense to me.
Maybe i am getting something wrong here

Oh, I’m sorry - I thought that was a general newbee question in the wrong category.

In the context of Marlowe, I guess it would have to be implemented by the contract itself. e.g. each participant can only borrow up to 50% of her current stake. I don’t think that the underlying Plutus/Ledger layers can nor should provide guarantees like that.