How can I monitor network synchronization with Grafana/Prometheus?

How can I monitor network synchronization with Grafana/Prometheus? There seems to be a calculation that can be done; though it isn’t built in to Grafana/Prometheus/EKG.

There is last block height, slot number, slot number in epoch, etc. though I don’t see a direct way to make sure that my nodes are not out of sync with the network. Any suggestions or solutions?

as long u will have tx processed increasing it means the nodes are synced

Also I am using sendtip for which tells me that the BP is synced


Does Pooltool provides alerts if it’s out of sync?

And that’s an interesting point. If I understand properly, since block rate stays the same (0.05), then we can make a Grafana alert that makes sure that it has increase roughly a block every 20 seconds. Is that right?

Well, frankly, I find this really cool:

Would making sure that this rate stays around .05 on average give me a good estimate that block height is properly set?

I’m going to try this.


@Alexd1985 I feel satisfied for this as solution.

I have to thank PATI Pool for helping me understand block rate and the cardano staking protocol for this solution. I believe it’s a good enough, yet I’m open to improvements or disapproving that this does what it should.


glade, I told you, if the nodes are not synced they will not process tx, so processing TX should be enough :wink:

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Yes, without that bit of information I still would be trying to figure this out xD it’s been at least a 2 week puzzle for me <3 Thank you CHARTY pool

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you are welcome, and don’t forget to install chrony :smiley:

:grimacing: I’m on it.

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I test the conditions a couple of times and now I’m doing this. I’ll report back to this forum to inform if it’s a reliable alert:



The block rate monitor has been firing way to often for false positives. In this video by EDEN, (How to Set-up Grafana Alerting via Telegram - YouTube, he shows a much better way to make sure the the network is sync’d properly by checking the slot height is larger than it was a minute ago.