How do I get the midnight airdrop?

Makes sense. Thank you!

I meant CoinBase - oops. CoinBase does have a wallet. I’d prefer to leave it on the CoinBase exchange. Or, I guess I could move it to the Coinbase wallet.

I’m sure Cardano’s wallets are great. But if you can’t tell, I’m very non-technical. I’ve lost money before trying to move coins around and find this new world awfully confusing.

That said, I believe in the core problems Cardano is trying to solve and maybe it’s a good thing that non-technical, non computer savvy people, such as myself, are willing to invest in Cardano?

Anyway, thank you for the reply and help!

As said: No! Won’t work! At the most, you can get wrapped/bridged versions of ADA there, but not real ADA. Coinbase Wallet only supports EVM-based chains – Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and the like.

I would say: Better leave things on the exchange then.

It’s a trade-off: On a centralised exchange, you have the risk that that exchange ceases to exist, changes its bureaucratic rules etc. pp. (cf. FTX). If you get things off the exchange into a self-custody wallet, you have to understand at least a bit about how the technology of the respective chain works and be very wary of all sorts of scams.

Personally, if you don’t have huge amounts of ADA, I won’t think you are missing too much with the Midnight airdrop, but I can be very wrong there.

Cool. Greatly appreciate the help.

I definitely don’t have a huge amount of ADA but roughly 40K tokens.

I’ll play it safe and stay the course. Thank you

40K ADA is a value of around $20k USD. This is no small investment and the future value of what ever number of DUST you may be awarded, claimed, or air dropped will be well worth your time to increase your knowledge base.

Learn, grow, study, watch videos and see how easy it is to control your own crypto. This is not rocket science. You can write down seed phrases (they vary in number usually 12-24 words).

You tube has numerous videos on how to “open” a software or hardware wallet. You can do this. Just remember measure twice and cut once.