How does confirmations/assurance level work in cardano?

Referred the following file in the Daedalus wallet code and inferred that the number of confirmations is 6.

Is 6 a good number?

Assurance level while creating wallet
I get to know from code there is an assurance level “cwAssurance”: “CWAStrict” that is passed while creating the wallet. And based upon that assurance level, the node waits for that much block depth before updating the user’s balance.

Assurance level in explorer
But my question is if I am running an explorer node that does not have the wallet; there is no way for me to find the strictness or confirmations for that wallet/account/address ? I may read the balance wrong by have the setting of assurance level normal, so should I keep the maximum assurance level while reading the balance by referring this :

One more thing whatever transactions are listed on the explorer page. I guess shown as per a normal confirmation number which is 6 in case of geth. What is that in case of cardano ?

This does mean technically that if i am reading the block in the latest slot with a transaction, there might be a possibility that the transaction may be reverted ?

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