How does the probability of finding a block depend on the size of the pool?

I noticed some moving stake from pools with small sum stake to big ones.
But Am I right in thinking that if

Pool1 with sum stake 100m can find during time “X” - 100 block
and Pool2 with stake 1m can find during same time - 1 block

This is equivalent to delegator:

100block/100mln x mystake=1block/1mln x mystake

And however, the probability pool of bringing more or less profit for delegator
does not depend on size live stake?

That’s basically right though of course there are also other factors to consider, such as saturation.

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You are correct. We have a detailed writeup, along with real-time values for each epoch, here.

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If you want a comprehensive explanation of the entire delegation cycle:


Thank you! Studied and understood a lot of new things
I’m really excited to be part of the Cardano-community!