How is Cardano able to withstand shocks?e

Cardano is being built as a mission-critical system because it must not fail. Millions, perhaps a billion people may one day hold their wealth on Cardano. This places high demands on the IOG team in terms of building the system carefully and with quality. It must be resilient to external events and withstand shocks. A fatal failure of the system would have negative consequences for all users, who could be economically ruined. People say Bitcoin is antifragile. Is Cardano also antifragile and able to withstand shocks? What characteristics are important for building a resilient system?


  • Antifragile things are not static and unchanging, but rather capable of benefiting from shocks and adapting to new conditions.
  • The Internet can be considered a resilient system because it has never had a fatal failure and is constantly being improved.
  • Blockchain is a complex technology. The overall quality of the system should be judged by the worst score achieved for the selected properties.
  • Cardano is a robust system. The question is whether it is resilient.

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