How is the Cardano blockchain going to handle ADA price appreciation?

For some of Cardano’s target markets (eg. Ethiopia), I can transaction fees becoming very expensive as ADA’s price begins to appreciate – the plan for this as I understand it is to let the network vote on whether or not to lower transaction fees if things get to the point where it’s becoming a problem, but will price appreciation affect the rollout of certain partnerships before the governance system to do this comes on line?

Transaction fees on Cardano are extremely low compared to most other platforms. Even with a huge increase in token price, I don’t imagine this being a significant problem. Sure, there may be a couple use cases that are better suited to other platforms, but I think Ada is designed to scale and handle 99% of blockchain use cases without any significant issues. You could build on a platform with zero transaction costs, but then how does that platform get development funded, and what assurance do you have that it’ll still be around in a few years time?