How lack of identity is blocking financial inclusion around the world

Doesn’t mention blockchain or crypto but probably worth reading anyway…


This article brings up some important, persistent issues. And they are issues that I’ve heard folks talk about trying to solve with a Blockchain.

Not being able to have a Bank account is just the beginning for the non-identitied. Without a persistent record of identity they can’t gain certifications to prove they have been educated, they can’t prove a track record of craftsmanship or good service, and they can’t even prove who they are or where they are from as they travel from place to place.

The author of this article wants to use International organizations to expand Trust-based systems so that everyone can be issued records of identity, which is a fine goal! But our goal is to show that a Trustless system like Cardano is even better.

That was a nice mental exercise, thanks for sharing!

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